Introducing our Cash Discount Program

Eliminate up to 100% of your processing fees!
Pay 0% on all credit card transactions!

Take your savings to the next level by signing up to our Cash Discount Program. Start collecting 100% of your revenue. We provide around-the-clock customer service, and our selection of terminals is simply wonderful. Browse our product page to find just what you’re looking for.


Benefits of Cash Discount

Incentivize Cash Payments

Give your customers a good reason to pay with cash.

Keep all of your Money

Recover your credit card processing fees.

Increase your Cash Flow

No longer worry about processing fees.

Year-Round Discounts

Cash discounts for all customers.


How does Cash Discount Program work?

  • Your posted prices are your cash discount prices. Customers who opt to pay with a different payment method will get a small additional fee (typically 3.95%) on top of their balance. This is NOT a surcharge because you are providing a discount incentive! 

  • That's it! Your customers offset any processing fees thanks to our proprietary technology and provided signage, informing them of the Cash Discount.

  • Our Cash Discount Program is legal and compliant in all 50 states.